Whole of Life Cost Analysis

Whole of Life is the costs involved with owning a product over its expected lifetime. For example, Whole of Life costs for a car may include servicing, tyres, diesel tax, etc.

If we use Whole of Life Cost Analysis when pricing EUROWOOD cladding the decision becomes a no brainer. The cost of re scaffolding, repairing any damaged weatherboards, sanding, undercoating and painting every 7-10 years immediately gives EUROWOOD an unfair advantage. Combined with the fact EUROWOOD is competitively priced to install without taking the Whole of Life into account makes it a hard proposition to ignore.

EUROWOOD Whole of Life Advantages

  • Normal EUROWOOD savings without the expense of fitting battens, soakers, vermin strips, filling and fixing holes, painting etc.

  • Less cost for scaffolding due to shorter installation time frame without painting.

  • Our powdercoat warranty saves at least one repainting cycle which saves on scaffolding, weatherboard remediation due to rotting and warping, sanding and painting.