Aluminium Weatherboard Cladding

Aluminium is one of the world’s most durable building materials. It can handle any weather, which is why it’s just perfect for cladding systems. We’ve taken aluminium’s reliability a step further with our patented cavity clip system, which creates one uniform cavity around the entire house.

Weatherboard Design Options

For a country that’s demanding higher performance building products, our weatherboard system is purpose-built to reassure.

How the cavity clip system works

Traditionally, timber battens are used to create a cavity and to fix cladding to a wall. This system results in multiple closed-off cavities, which inhibit airflow and create uneven equalisation zones around the house. With our cavity clip weatherboard fixing system, cladding is attached to the framing with special clips that allow a consistent 20mm cavity right around the house. Because air can flow around the cavity freely, air pressure is equalised. The result is a drier, more comfortable home all year round.

Paint-free Weatherboards

Our EUROWOOD cladding can be coated to imitate timber finishes, powder coated or anodised, to suit your exterior colour scheme. Matching flashings and mouldings ensure quick installation and a flawless result. While standard weatherboards need to be repainted many times throughout the life of a home, aluminium weatherboards deliver a future free of wet paint for at least 15 years.