Maintaining the look without the maintenance

EUROWOOD has the warm look and feel of timber, without the associated maintenance issues – no swelling, warping or rotting, and no need to paint.

What you see at the beginning is what you’ll see for years to come, because long-lasting high performance is built into the design, the construction and the finish.

Low maintenance

The amount of time spent on home maintenance can be significantly reduced. We recommend a regular inspection, followed by a wash with water and a mild detergent, which will prolong the life of the product.

Weather Seals

EUROWOOD cladding is built to keep the weather outside with a superior sealing system. What’s more, being aluminium you know that your cladding is not going to warp or swell.

Finishing Touches

Our huge range of finishing options (there are over 50 in total) can be used to emphasise, to blend, to highlight and to accentuate the design features of any home.

Better for the environment

Our EUROWOOD and powdercoat finishes are environmentally friendly unlike wet paint applications, because they’re solvent-free and applied electro-statically. When your home reaches the end of its life, our aluminium products can be completely recycled.


There’s a range of woodgrain finishes to select from. EUROWOOD can also be used on front door and garage door for an eye-catching frontage to your home.


Powdercoating is one of the most durable colour-coatings available. We powdercoat our cladding using our own facilities, accredited to WANZ Enduro Colour Powdercoating Quality Standards, so we know they’re built to last. In fact, many of our powdercoat products come with a 15-20 year guarantee (conditions apply).


Anodising uses an anodic oxide coating to bring out unique colours within the metal of the frame. The result is a stylish, matt metallic finish that’s durable and tough wearing.


Our finishes are guaranteed for a minimum period of 15 years* from the date of application. Colour integrity is also guaranteed for 15 years. All our window and doors systems are manufactured to meet all relevant New Zealand standards*.

*Some conditions apply