Why choose EUROWOOD® for your next project?

EUROWOOD aluminium cladding has many advantages, not the least of which is the ability to imitate different timber finishes.

Timber finishes provide the warm look and feel of timber without the associated maintenance issues. A timber finish can be used as a cladding feature, for your windows and doors, your front door, garage or just for soffit’s. The applications are endless.

Fast to install. EUROWOOD cladding goes on fast as there are no battens to install or paint finishes required.

Competitively priced. Conventional weatherboard systems require cavity battens, soakers, vermin strips, facings, scribers, filling, sanding and then painting. All of these process take time and money. EUROWOOD achieves all of this during the installation process.

A complete system. Our system uses a unique patented cavity clip system which creates our own cavity upon installation of the weatherboard, removing considerable time and cost. This clip creates a single air cavity without battens to create different zones. Our system can also be used in direct fix situations.

Powdercoated surfaces. Unlike conventional weatherboard systems EUROWOOD cladding comes pre-coated. This saves time and money both now and in the future. With a 15-20 year powder coat warranty*, EUROWOOD cladding systems only require normal yearly wash down maintenance. Normal paint finishes require scaffolding and repainting every 7 to 10 years. These additional costs, once added into the cost of conventional timber or composite weatherboards, show a significant pricing advantage using EUROWOOD cladding. Not to mention aluminium does not rot or warp. After 15-20 years a light scuff to key the surface will allow conventional repainting to occur.

Using EUROWOOD building products for fascia, soffit, cladding and garage doors can potentially give you the option of a paint-free façade.

* Powdercoating warranties: Some conditions apply - please contact us for more information.